Modena Wick Trader – an automated strategy like no other

Elevate your trading game with the Modena Wick Trader strategy, the pinnacle of automated trading that puts you in complete command. Tailor your trading to the dynamic landscape of the market with unparalleled flexibility in settings adjustments. From selecting your trade direction—be it Long or Short—to specifying your exposure level and precisely setting stops and targets, every detail is at your fingertips for maximum efficiency.

Experience the frustration of generic strategies no more. While others offer one-size-fits-all solutions that demand you to blindly trust and hope, we provide a robust, adaptable tool that evolves with the market. Forget the primitive systems peddled by high-budget marketing firms with little to offer in the way of real trading tools. Our advanced, trader-centric approach ensures that you’re equipped with a strategy designed for serious traders by serious traders.

Introducing the Modena Wick Trader strategy, seamlessly integrated with the DTB Bars 200 trending baseline on a Nasdaq chart. This isn’t just any strategy; it’s your key to unlocking a new level of trading precision and adaptability. Discover what it means to trade with a strategy that’s as serious about trading as you are.

What do we have here?!
A truly beautifully presented automated strategy that you can take control of, being able to adjust settings on the fly (without having to disable and restart the strategy – NOBODY else has this at time of writing) and a very clear, visual interface so you can know exactly what the strategy is doing!

These are the main features of the Modena Wick Trader strategy?

1.  Choose which inbuilt filters to use or not use by clicking the buttons, including built in Signal Charts.

2.  Set a trading direction preference, either trade Long positions only, Short positions only or both directions – this is especially important because if the market is clearly trending in a specific direction, wouldn’t you WANT to make sure you ONLY take entries in that direction??  Pretty obvious, right?!

3.  Start and Pause the strategy on the fly, choose exactly when you want it taking positions and when to stay out the market, using a Signal Chart on another tab or window to decide when to Start and Pause is a great manual approach to filter out when the strategy is unlikely to be taking successful trades.  Also “Pause” the strategy to stop additional entries and let the existing ones play out!

4.  There are multiple Sliders on the chart that control the strategy settings, yo are able to adjust this by moving the Slider with the mouse and the settings update in the strategy accordingly, while it is active and those new settings will be respected on the subsequent trades, this includes the StopTicks and TargetTicks!

5.  Limit the amount of entries or expand them based on what price is doing, space out your entries so they are not all clustered in a price range, even update the Trade Size of the subsequent trades!

6.  Behind the scenes, you have 3 different ways to handle stops and targets, choose a trailing stop, choose fixed targets or stops, or target and stop at very specific values on the wick!

7.  You also have the trading hours you can set to start trading, stop trading and when to exit any open positions!

8.  An INVALUABLE feature we have in all the DTB Strategies is the ability to have an “Account” level Daily Stop and Target, so you can have MULTIPLE strategies running on 1 account and when the ACCOUNT value for the target or stop has been hit, ALL strategies linked will stop trading, now that is UNHEARD of and does not exist anywhere else!

9.  This strategy is suited to extremely fast market conditions as well due to very precise and carefully programmed entry and exit criteria, where other strategies bomb out, this can handle it!

10.  TOO many other features that we will not cover here, but as a fully fledged DTB Member you can run and work with these to your hearts content and discover what a professional trading System looks like!

Want to use this powerful tool in your trading and others like it?

Review our Membership levels to receive this invaluable tool as well as over 60 other carefully selected indicators and automated strategies that make up the Complete system of tools, all available and included with a Subscription, 1 price for EVERYTHING so NO course fees, NO purchasing individual bits and pieces…..a COMPLETE System designed to work for you:

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Thank you, Jason and the DTB Traders Team!

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