Welcome to the DTB System of tools!.

This system has been designed to accommodate both large and smaller account holders, experienced users and those new to trading on NinjaTrader 8.

This video will cover the process of registering as a Member so you can take advantage of what the DTB System has to offer.

Membership will give you full access to the DTB System which includes all the indicators and strategies as well as detailed instructions on how to use them.

The System is being updated constantly with little tweaks and extra additions which are designed to make trading on NinjaTrader 8 simple, fun and effective!

New tools will be added as they are developed to keep you ahead of the game, so make sure to register your email so you can be updated on these advancements.

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This video will give you an overview of the DTB Bars and how they work. This custom bar type displays price in an easy to read format which is of utmost importance when trading.

Available to be used on all instruments, the 2 variations (and a 3rd later added) will be instrumental in your success and consistency.

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This video will give you an overview of the Indicators that form part of the DTB System, ranging from nice to have to highly advanced, you will love how they improve your accuracy when making trading decisions.

Although most of these have been designed to be used on the DTB Bars, there is a great deal of them that can be used on minute, hourly, daily and range charts so whatever you are comfortable with, load them up and even use them in combination with other indicators you may already be using.

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An expansion of the 2nd video, this will go into a bit more detail and help you set up your charts effectively.

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Combining some of the indicators provided is key in identifying what price is doing, this video will help you set up the charts and their indicators. The templates for these charts are also saved for you to access. Feel free to review these and make any modifications to settings of not only the indicators but also the bar size. Be sure to look through the indicator settings as there are audible alerts built into some of them that will prompt you to trading opportunities.

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This is the 1st video in the series that looks at the automated strategies that form part of the DTB System.

I will be explaining the strategies in the next few videos and I’m sure you will really like what you see, you may even come up with some really good ideas yourself on how to use them to your best advantage.

The Advanced Retracement uses a specific user defined tick value for retracements and executes positions based on that customisable value.

The Strategy Line can also be selected as an option instead and when used in combination with a bar delay can keep you in trades for longer, thus targeting larger market moves.

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This is the 2nd video in the series that looks at the automated strategies that form part of the DTB System.

By far this is the most advanced strategy available and this video will be well worth your time as the results it can generate are stunning!

What makes this strategy especially powerful is the ability to use it in the Strategy Analyzer and then confirm the results it gives by running the settings through the Playback Connection – this is a priceless feature and the opportunities are endless with this one.

An entire business can be formed around using these strategies and entire trading teams can be built around them with traders specialising in particular Contracts.

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In the previous video we covered the Optimisation of the strategies to find the highest probability of trending trades using the “Max net profit” optimisation method.

(You will also have noticed that since that recording we have managed to combine all the Contracts into 1 strategy file, so now you are free to use the strategy on any instrument that the DTB Bars works on)

This video will cover Optimisation that will help in scalping the market by reviewing the latest data available so we can pick up the “heartbeat” of the market and use the settings from the Optimizer to REVERSE trade.

Use the settings from the video and then feel free to experiment with different bar sizes / time slots etc.

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I added in the strategy called DTB Analytical Beta which is a supercharged version of the Analytical strategy that can be used as described in this video,

I think this is a fantastic approach for those looking to scalp the market using a manual approach, watching the strategy taking positions and then deciding when you want to enter a position manually on your separate trading chart using the chart trader and ATM.

Using the Ultimate Bands and Shadow Trading Divergence as indicators on the chart really helps you pinpoint your entries!

This works very well on the ES/MES because there is only a 1 tick difference between bid and ask so using this approach together with the Ultimate Bands and Shadow Trading Divergence is extremely powerful!

I think you guys are going to love this approach, if you are trading on a small account, the MES is the perfect Contract to trade it too!

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In this video we look at the DTB Modena Wick Trader, Flat Baseline strategy.

Designed to be used on a flat baseline chart, like the 300 / 1 and 100 / 1 used in this video as well as any other flat baseline chart.

Other examples can be 75 / 1 or 200 / 1 or 300 / 10 – basically any size on any instrument where you have a larger number in the 1st field to the second field.

Experiment with these to find one that suits the instrument you are trading, your time constraints and risk profile.

There are a number of Wick Trader strategies which we will cover in more detail later, but if you get the concept of this one, then you will be able to work on the others too.

In the case of the Trending baseline strategies, you only have to revert the numbers above so you can display a trending baseline, so instead of a 300 / 1 you will use a 1 / 300 etc.

The Back to Baseline strategies have 1 small difference with the target ticks, the profit target ticks are measured as the distance from the baseline where all targets are together no matter where on the wick entries occur.

The Reverse strategies do exactly the opposite to the corresponding trend ones, which are really great to use if the price is showing momentum away from the baseline!

I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

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