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100% free indicator combo download – no marketing hype / spamming or BS, trade this setup with confidence, my gift to you! 

My intention with this update to the COMP offering is to give you an even deeper insight into what price is doing and where it is likely to go next, so on this video I will cover the update, how to get it and how to use it. If you have already downloaded and used the original COMP indicator released last year, please follow along and we will cover how to update. 

You will NEVER have to look anywhere else for your trading needs, MOST of you will be very content working with these tools as they are and some of you will want to explore a paid offering where we dive deeper into manual and automated trading, so please reach out when you have mastered this FREE offering, MADE money and THEN we can take it even further, perhaps even replace any other income to enable you to trade earning a full time income on a part time venture! 

If you have already downloaded the 1st release of this tool you will have a taste as to what to expect, I am so confident in that tool that I know if you are not able to use it effectively then trading is for you, because ALL you have to have to make consistent gains with it is a good money management plan, and without it you are only gambling, and in that case you should not be trading at all, unfortunately the “marketing companies” have capitalized of selling “magic bullets” promising to make you a “$1000 a day like we do” BS for some useless $79 or other pitiful con amount to suck you in… thank goodness you can get rid of those scammers and work with the complimentary indicator provided by DTB Traders, it’s value is priceless and you will actually produce results IF you are serious about trading. 

Please follow for more valuable content, I believe with the right tools, mindset and expectancy the right people will be drawn to trading and work with the DTB System – there is NOTHING like it available, not even close, and I can’t wait to help more people master the art of trading! 

Complete this form to gain access to the complimentary indicator combo, this includes your Machine ID so it can be licensed:

FINALLY, you can get rid of all the useless tools on offer and trade something that WORKS, and you can do that now! Want to see this indicator in action? – YouTube Playlist 

Want it now? 

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Indicator Info & Installation:

For specific training on this indicator Combo, please watch this video so you can use it effectively:

More on this incredible combo, take a look at these features – 
Main features (DTB Shadow Trading COMP Dec 2033 indicator):

* Can be used on any instrument and bar size, best used with Range bars in the examples below or any bar type that has a specific tick value linked to it, this allows for consistent Stop Loss placement and Target Ticks placement, Minute bars can be very “noisy” so not recommended.

* Designed to show you when price is likely to reverse (with great accuracy).

* Shows Tomato/Maroon bars and arrows when price is likely to fall, momentum line below price.

* Shows Cyan bars/MediumSlateBlue and arrows when price is likely to rise, momentum line above price.

* Can be use for long term trading and short-term trading.

* A key indicator for taking manual trades.

* Allows for a very small Stop Loss and large Profit Target.

* Overbought / Oversold parameters can be customised.

* Paints bars, all colours and settings are customisable.

* ZERO repaints, arrows and bar coloring adjust as price moves and stay in place once bar closes.

* Calculates OnEachTick with the Momentum Line determining strength of reversal and trend.

How to get this indicator for NinjaTrader 8 and set it up?

1. You would have watched the video directing you to this document and if you have completed the Google Form with your answers including your Machine ID I will then receive your activation request and license the indicator, the license will automatically expire on 31 December 2033 so you have a VERY LONG time to work with it, and if your Machine ID changes over time as it often may do, simply email me your new Machine ID and I will have it updated.

2. All information regarding setup and templates for this indicator will be in the folder, see link in Header of this document entitled “Specific Training on this Tool”

3. If any updates to this tool are made and any additional information is given, it will be included in the folder, I may also include periodic offers to subscribe to the complete DTB System although these may be very limited.

4. As you have provided your email address I may periodically email you if any new update is available for the indicator, which will be complimentary, as well as a limited amount of marketing of the DTB System, however I will not spam you like everyone else does.

Take a look at how this indicator combo displays on your chart:

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