Curious about Becoming a Member? This is the DTB System!

“Every Master was once a Disaster” – that really jumped out at me the 1st time I heard it, you cannot be good or great at something the moment you take it on, that’s the reality of life!

The main reason so many struggle through the start of their trading journey is because they do not see a clear path ahead, for their trading or where to enter positions, do not know which bumps and hills and pathways to navigate because they have not been on them yet, and you don’t know what you don’t know, right!?

The DTB System is a detailed map and pathway illuminated brightly with arrows all the way, that is why many who discover it learn to understand the importance of having a “System” where tools are designed to work with and compliment each other, built with highest probabilities in mind, showing with clarity what price is likely to do next.

The clarity is achieved by combining age old calculations of price action, thus determining the most likely support and resistance revels price has to navigate around, through or brick walled for an immediate reversal, this combined with carefully curated custom indicators added to demonstrate other variables that come up in real time, which have an effect on price too – and if you want the very best place to start there are already Custom chart templates that have this all done for you, trialed, refined, traded successfully and documented so when you look at the chart you see the whole path ahead, illuminated, covered with arrows, which will then make your trading journey that more structured and rewarding.

But if that does not work for you, then the DTB System is not for you, there are always those “marketing companies” with their 1 off magic bullets, heavily discounted, expecting to “easily make $1000 per day – “like we do”” offers with flashy landing pages and count down timers, promoting random submissions from their low budget programmers they hustled online to offload their “magic bullets”, marketing companies who keep repeating the same story week after week, “buy this indicator for $79 and you can make $1000 per day using it trading only a few minutes a day!” and then when you come back the next week they give you that “if you don’t like it we will replace it with something else you’ll love” BS, and of course many get and stay on that cycle, which is why these companies have 300 + indicators because they keep having to come up with a new story!  Hence, we have a 90% fail rate amongst traders due to these company’s products thrown everywhere, mangled with others, poorly designed and uncoordinated, that there is no way to use them to try read what price is doing, because there is NO “System”, therefore, there is no clarity!

The DTB System of tools for NinjaTrader has everything within it to take you to whatever level you wish, earn as a part time trader or scale all the way to a highly successful full time trader, the choice is yours, you can walk the path or run it, but you will get there in the end!

Understandably, being a System of tools means there are quite a few components which are adaptable to any style of trader you are, but even so it can be a bit overwhelming to get going, therefore quite recently an automated process was developed to efficiently and effectively get you STARTED, setting up your platform with the DTB System giving you everything you need to get going, whether it is to jump straight in to the automated strategies and be trading later that day, or open up a chart template to present price to you with clarity, reading and understanding exactly what the chart is telling you by reviewing the document for the template, you now have a much higher chance of success because a lot of the heavy, complicated and simply boring work, has been done for you, simply apply a good money management approach and determine your own speed!

“Build it and they will come” – so those curious and excited about working with a System, welcome, it is only $59 to get started!

Member registrations are on the home page,, see you!

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